One of the major problem faced by android users is the battery life.  We all want a situation where we can use our phone for a longer period to chat, snap and make calls. In this article, I am going to take you through some simple tips to make the battery of your android phone last longer.

1. Turn down phone brightness:
Screen brightness is one of the major consumption of battery. Always turn down the screen brightness and turn off Automatic Brightness. 

2. Switch OFF unnecessary hardware radios:
Most android phones come with Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, LTE, and Bluetooth. These hardware radios constantly drain your battery especially GPS. Quickly go to settings and turn off the ones you don’t need or you can swipe down and turn OFF the ones that are not in use.

3. Reduce background app:
If you want to save your battery, you need to reduce the number of app running in the background. Go to settings and remove the app you don’t need.

4. Remove unnecessary home screen widget and wallpaper:
There are so many beautiful live wallpaper on google play store and nice home screen widget. Adding them will make your android phone looks cool but at the detriment of your battery. To increase your battery life you must  reduce the widgets in your home screen and avoid live wallpapers.

5. Signal strength:
Using 4G, 3G or 2G comes with different prices of which 2G consumes the least battery. The worst scenario is when you are in a place where the signal is not strong, the phone will work harder to get the signal. This has an adverse effect on the battery. Since you have less control over this, the best way is to turn off your data if you are not in serious use of it or switch to the one with a stronger signal.