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EasyWorship is one of the best presentation software that is mainly used in worship, it can also be used in seminars, school etc. EasyWorship Sofware was designed by a team of Christian developers called Softouch Development Inc.
It is an easy software to master but only with an external help. This article is committed to guide you on how to install and set it for projecting. You can also download the full version of EasyWorship software.
Getting Started
EasyWorship software is not a free software, you can login to their website or purchase CD with product key.
If you already have the Easyworhip software or you downloaded it from the link above. You will have to activate it by inserting the product key.
Click register to insert product key.
Warning- Do not use the online function of the EasyWorship if you use a keyGen
How it Works
Am sure by now you are done with the installation of EasyWorship. Let’s get to know more about this software and how it works.
EasyWorship has four areas- Schedule, Resource, Preview and Live Output area.

easyworship panel

Schedule Area 
EasyWorship software allows you to select items for presentation, doing this is easy, drag and drop items you want to use in your presentation into the schedule area.
Now open your EasyWorship, look at the top left, it has the schedule label. You will get to know how to drag items to the schedule area as we progresses. PowerPoint Slide can also be added from the Schedule area.
Resource Area
The Resource Area provides access to songs, scriptures, media and online content. The resource area is found below the schedule area.  It has four tabs (Song, Scripture, Media and Online Tab)
Song Tab:This tab displays the songs in database
Scripture Tab: This tab is to get Bible scriptures in the database, it has different versions of the bible at the bottom of the schedule area.
Media Tab: Immediately after the scripture tab, you will find the Media tab. This tab enable you to display Videos, Images, Feeds, DVD and Audio.
Online Tab:  With this tab, you can interact with the web, download item, and go to EasyWorship media store.
*Warning- If your product key is not from EasyWorship, don’t use this feature*
Preview Area
The preview area is located at the middle column. The preview area shows the item that is selected either from the schedule or in the resource panel. In this area, you can change the background of the song or scripture that is to be moved to Live Output.
 Live Output Area
This Live Output is located at the right column. It has the live resource and the live screen which displays what is currently being projected on the screen. The live resource allows you to select chorus and verses. 
PC Settings
For your Easyworship to work, make sure your PC settings (connect projector) is on Extend

easyworship SETTING

EasyWorship Setup

easyworship panel

After connecting your laptop, now go to your EasyWorship, click on a blue screen icon on the top left top corner.
General>Output Monitor> Change to Secondary Monitor
The output Monitor comprises of Primary, Secondary and custom Monitor, Change the primary monitor to secondary monitor.
Note: The Secondary Monitor will only show if the PC is set at Extend


easyworship panel

After connecting your laptop, now go to your EasyWorship, click on a blue screen icon on the top left top corner.
General>Output Monitor> Change to Secondary Monitor
The output Monitor comprises of Primary, Secondary and custom Monitor, Change the primary monitor to secondary monitor.
Note: The Secondary Monitor will only show if the PC is set at Extend
Click on the option button on the toolbar as shown above
  • General Setting
  • Song setting
  • Scripture setting
  • Alerts setting
  • Copyright Info
  • Advance setting
General Setting
 easyworship panel

Margins:  The margins settings contains screen margin, text margin and bleed margin
Screen Margin %: This setup allows you to set the percentage of screen to indent.
You can indent the top, bottom, left and right to the percentage you desire.
Text Margin%: This setup is to the set limit. NB-The background is not affected in this setup, only the text.
Bleed Margin? This setup is to set margins for message alert, nursery alerts and copyright information.

Select Output Monitor:
  This function is to select monitor that you want to use to display easy worship to the congregation. The drop down contains the primary monitor, secondary monitor and custom monitor.
Primary Monitor: This allows the live output to be display on the primary monitor. This function will not display on the projector screen or secondary monitor.
Secondary Monitor: For this function to display, your monitor setting must be in extend. To view your live output on a projector, it must be sets at secondary monitor.
Custom Position: This function allows you specify an absolute position and size to project the output.
Song Setting
Song Option: This options contains text alignment, vertical align, desired font height percentage and song font. You can set them to whatever you desire.
Verse/Chorus and Label Options
Show Verse/Chorus Labels enables the verse, chorus, and other tags on the live output screen.
Label Location sets the desired position for the label.
Label Indent indents the verse, chorus… label when displayed on the output screen.
Label Size sets the desired size for the label. 
Color Coding specifies a color scheme for the Preview and Live output areas.
In the appropriate lists, click the desired colours. The Sample area on the right displays the colour scheme. Click OK when you are satisfied with the colour scheme.
Scripture Setting
Scripture Options: this setup contains the following-
Enable Scripture Support- This enables scripture tab in the resource area
Text Alignment and Vertical Align sets the desired horizontal and vertical position in the scripture.
Desired Font Height Percentage- This is to set the desire font size
Scripture Font- Allows you to control the scripture font, style, colour, shadows and outline.
Scripture Reference
This setup is to set the reference location, reference size, reference indent, show reference only and reference font.
Alerts Setting
Nursery Alert Option– This setup allows you to enable nursery alert so that it can show in the live area by ticking the enable nursery alert box. It also allows you to set the location it will be in the screen, you can choose to put it in the top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right. Desired height percentage can also be setup- Background colour, display seconds and nursery can also be setup.
Message Alert Option– this setup includes:
Enable Message Alert: This function enables you to on/off the message alert from showing in the live area- Check the box to enable it.
Screen Location: set where you want the message alert to appear on the screen
Height Percentage: set the height of the message alert.
Background Colour: Choose any colour you want the message background to be.
Desired Display Method: Choose whether you want your message alert to be static, scrolling or scrolling if necessary.
You can choose the speed at which you want the message alert to scroll or along the message will display.
Message Font: This is where you choose the alert font, colour, shadow, style and outline.
Copyright Info Setting
This setup allows you to display copyright information, the font, style, and colour, you can also enable check colour, outline colour, height percentage and license info.
Advance Setting



Live Option: choose whether to show live screen on start-up and advance schedule after Go Live is pressed. This is done by checking the box.
PowerPoint Option:
Use PowerPoint application instead of Viewer, enables EasyWorship to load the full version of PowerPoint to display PowerPoint slide shows.
If PowerPoint is not installed on this computer, leave this option unchecked to use the PowerPoint viewer that is installed with EasyWorship.
Build thumbnails with PowerPoint Application enables EasyWorship to create thumbnails using the full PowerPoint application
DVD Options
Use Preferred Video Codec. When this is enabled, it allows EasyWorship search for and use either Dscaler mpg2 or Cyberlink. Other decoders are ignored if one of this two codecs are available
Prevent DVD Spin Down: This feature allows the DVD in the drive spin at all time to save time.
DirectX Options
Enabling this function enables EasyWorship to display transitions and text over video backgrounds.
Vertical Retrace Checking: you can choose between auto, on or off. The AUTO allows DirectX control when Vertical Retrace Checking is used. The ON uses the DirectX to produce the cleanest output and create smooth transition between slides while the OFF turns off the function.
The major advantage of using this function is that it creates a smooth transition and a clean video playback but this function slows down the processing time.
Video Quality
I always advice people to place the slider at the centre for best quality without slowing the computer.
The higher the quality makes the playback runs smoothly but slows the computer while the higher the speed makes the computer to be faster but lower quality.
Watch out for more on EasyWorship
If you have any question, please use the comment box.