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A young blind man, John, visited his choir mistress, Chioma, at home and met her bathing. After taking her bath, she went straight to open the door for him while she was still naked since he is blind and couldn’t see. She ushered him in and helped him to reach a chair. She said, “Just give me a minute brother John so I could pick up something from the other room”. She then went inside the bathroom and grabbed a shaving stick. She went back to the parlor and sat directly opposite John while still stark naked, she spread her legs wide open and started to shave her pubic hair.


After some time, she started a conversation with John. She said, “Brother John, what brings you here? Hope everything is okay?” John replied, “Yes Sister Chioma, all is fine. I just came to tell you that I have done the eye surgery you recommended and I can see very clearly now”.
As at the time I was writing this, the two of them were still fighting. Is it John’s fault?

Here are the top memes of correct bro



Instead of using 500K to buy Iphone, use it to buy 22 bags of rice and send it to your village, they will release your destiny
correct bro  
If you have family that don’t watch telemundo, zeeworld and all that drama, you have no idea what God has done for you 
correct bro  
Please how many hours will i allow my friend to mourn after they have stolen his phone, before telling him to give me his charger and earpiece? I need answers please. Thanks

correct bro  
Dear Boys, 
It is not compulsory that you must go to a girl’s Facebook wall to thank her for accepting your request
The annoying part is that you don’t even say it corre4ctly…
You’ll visit a girl’s wall to see post like, “Thanks for acceptance..” “thanks for the acception”” thanks for acceptance of me”
please stop!!! 
correct bro  
To my fellow United Fans. I think we should have invested the money used in buying POGBA in MMM… By now… hmmm
correct bro  
Any Nigeria caught trying to commit suicide should be rescue and kept under close surveillance, we are in this economic crises together, don’t ever think you are going anywhere
correct bro  
correct bro  
You go to AY show and pay 50k for gate fee,You go to church and drop N20 for offering as if God na Nigeria police.
Just continue… Satan is completing your duplex with POP
correct bro  
Malaria drug that I used to buy N850 is now N1580. the Next mosquito I lay my hands on will feel the full force of this regime
correct bro  
It hurts when people don’t know how importannt they are to you..
Like this Akara woman that not open today ..
I have already bought only to find out that the woman is not around
 Don’t give anybody your original heart, first give them a photocopy, then wait till they ask for the original.