TOP SECRET: WhatsApp Tricks And Tips 2017

Have you ever thought of ignoring someone without the knowledge of the person on whatsApp? Or know if someone is avoiding you. Today’s article covers all that.  We all know that WhatsApp is one of the most popular, flexible, free and user-friendly messenger that enables you to send texts, pictures, videos, audios and document. It also allows you to create or join groups. Since we are used to the WhatsApp platform, let’s go beyond the preliminary stage and learn to become a WhatsApp master.   
Below are some tricks and tips

1. How to ignore someone without his/her knowledge

Do you want to avoid someone without blocking him? Here is a way you can read their post without letting them know.
i. Disable the double blue ticks:
To disable the double blue tick goto Settings (on the Whatsapp) > Account > Privacy > uncheck Read Receipts box. The problem with this trick style is that it will affect everybody and it might be suspicious.
ii. Sending no alert:
To hide that you have read the person in question’s message, before you open the questionable chat, activate your airplane mode. You can now read the message with no alert being sent. After reading the message, exit and turn off your airplane mood. The double tick will not turn blue and the person will see the message as unread. I can see you are already on it. More to come… 

 2.  How to hide ‘Last Seen Time’


Disabling the blue double tick is not enough to avoid someone. The annoying person will sense that you are avoiding him because your last seen time created that impression. This tip is very important if someone is stalking you or you want to avoid a lots of persons. Here is how to turn it off.
Go to Settings (Whatsapp Settings) > Account > Privacy > Last Seen.
Now you are free to hide. The downside of this tip is that you will not be able to see others last seen.

3. Bring back messages from the dead
whatsapp trick

What a feeling when you accidentally deletes messages, especially from your boo…. the love messages, the praises, the kisses *LOL* don’t worry, there is a way to bring back the messages from dead. If you’ve set up daily backup for your favoured chats, WhatsApp will, in the wee hours of the morning, save that day’s messages to the cloud. Now, if you accidentally delete messages or entire chats, you can simply recover the lost content by reinstalling the app.  

4. Mute annoying group chat notifications

mute whatsapp group

Whatsapp is famous for group chat. Sometimes one cannot do without those groups especially when it is a school group, church group, company group etc. The annoying thing in such group is the number of notifications that comes from it. You don’t have to leave the group, this is what you should do
Hit the mute button 
In the group chat, click on the name of the group, it will launch the group settings. Toggle mute on, a box will appear asking you to select time-frame. You can select 8 hours, 1 week and even 1 year.  Hit on the OK button and that’s all. Now you can enjoy peace….

5. How to use WhatsApp on the big screen

whatsapp tip

So many firms don’t allow smartphones and am sure you don’t want to have a fight with your boss.
There is a way you can keep up with your WhatsApp messages.
Simply Switch to Desktop
Step 1: go to your WhatsApp Setting
Step 2:  Click WhatsApp web
Step 3. Log on to
Step 4. Scan the QR code on the desktop with your phone.
Now you are live on your desktop…

6. Save your data


Saving your mobile data is very important unless you are willing to spend huge money on data.
To save the megabytes, you need to set images and videos to download only when you’re connected to the Wi-Fi.
To enable these data-saving ways on iOS, all you need to do is go Settings > Data Usage where you’ll be able to assign download methods per content type.
On Android things are a little different. You’re offered all the same options, but you’ll have to go Settings > Chats and Calls > Media Auto-Download to find them.

7. How to know when your bestie is texting

There are some chat that is more important than others, especially when it is from Bae or Family. You want to know if they are the one texting.  This is what you should do…
Step 1. Open the chat of the person in question
Step 2. Click on the name
Step 3. Click on custom notification
Step 4. Check the ‘Use Custom Notifications’ box
Step 5. Select notification tone, vibrate, popup notification and light.
Now you can know when bae is texting

8. Pop up notification

Too lazy to open Whatsapp when you have a message, there is a way out.
 Pop up your messages…
Go to Settings
Click on notification
Tap on ‘Popup Notification’
Select the one that best fits you
  • Only when screen ”on”
  • Only when screen ”off”
  • Always show popup

9. How to broadcast your private message


You don’t need to start a group chat to send same messages to a number of people. The solution is a ‘broadcast’.
Tapping the menu button reveals the ‘New broadcast’ option. This will send a single message to multiple recipients, creating an individual chat for each. You don’t even need to trouble yourself with endless cut and paste efforts either

10. How switch phones with your messages intact



Are you worried of losing your past year of mass messages?  You don’t have to put off upgrading your handset – just take your chats with you. It’s not hard to do either. Both iPhone and Android owners have their own WhatsApp backup options thanks to iCloud and Google Drive syncing.
In Settings > Chats > Chat Backup, you can set your service to sync up with the cloud on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Now if your phone is bad or you have a new handset, simply logging in. WhatsApp will bring all your past chats across.
If you have any question, feel free to use the comment box; we will attend to you